Our sponsors strongly believe knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is strength. A good character and conduct building is nation building. 

Our primary aim is to provide opportunity to bring out the multifarious talents inbuilt in the students to face all the challenges in the life. The curriculum is designed to ensure the all-round development of each student. 

At P.E.P.S. the students face experience in acquiring knowledge and long lasting learning desire, to horn skills in a creative manner at the present and the future. 

Our special emphasis lies in God fearing and quality, promoting moral and social values to preserve the universe for the future. 

We at P.E.P.S. do extensive surfing of the latest development in all the fields to keep our students up-to-date. For which all machineries, equipments, materials and resources are available. 

We explore the fantasies of our students to bring out the hidden Newtons, Shellies, Lincolns, Peles …….. out of them to become the future bench marks for others.