Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities

We at PEPS believe that physical activity is an important part of mental and psychological well-being.

Thus besides academic curriculum, we also focus on extracurricular activities to:

• give an outlet for children extra energy and curiosity so that they can grow into healthy, well-rounded adults with a wide range of knowledge and experiences.
• teach children how to be social in many different situations which will help them later on in life once they enter the workforce.
• learn how to work in a team to achieve a shared goal
• teach life lessons that are often not taught at school or home such as how to accept failure even when one thinks one deserves to win.
• make them learn time management skills
• teach children how to work collaboratively without bullying others

Studies show extracurricular activities also help kids academically by helping their grades and self-esteem improve.
Extra-curricular activities available at Providence English Private School include:

• Sports (sports day, basketball, football, volleyball and athletics )
• Field trips
• International day
• Professional day
• Traditional dresses day
• Martyr day
• UAE national day
• UAE Flag day
• Breakfast gathering day
• Pink day (breast cancer awareness)
• Graduation day
• Math, Science and Arts club
• Community service (charity, plantation)
• Kenken competition (puzzles)
• Book fair
• Spelling Bee competition
• Drawing and Painting competition
• Business Day
• Creative writing competition
• Quran competition
• Arabic reading competition
• English reading competition
• Mental Mathematics Competition
• Debate Competition (skyline university)
• Innovation Competition (skyline university)
• Physics Competition with prototype (AUS)
• Chemistry Project Competition (UOS)
• Industrial Engineering Competition (RIT)
• Robotic Competition (RIT)
• Student Career Development fair/seminar
• Student counsel
• Sharjah children festival
• Hajj simulation
• Morning assembly
• Chess Club
• Traditional Dance Club
• Humanitarian Club
• STEAM Programming Competition
• Story Writing Competition