PEPS Hosts Successful Student Workshop on Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

In a bid to equip senior secondary students with essential life skills, PEPS recently organized a dynamic workshop focusing on Critical Thinking & Problem Solving. Attended by 70 eager students from year 12 & 13, the event was a part of PEPS' Academic & Personal Development Program designed to pave the way for a successful and fulfilling life.
Dr. Anjum Azeez, an esteemed English Faculty member at Skyline University, took center stage, drawing from her extensive academic experience spanning several decades. Delving into the core life skills as defined by the WHO & UNESCO, she shed light on their paramount importance in modern education. Dr. Azeez's engaging presentation underscored the significance of fostering these skills in an inclusive learning environment, prompting students to unlock their full potential through enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities.
The workshop was a hit among students, who actively participated and engaged with the material, recognizing its crucial role in achieving academic excellence and personal fulfillment. Dr. Marwa Diaa, the Principal of PEPS, capped off the event by presenting Dr. Azeez with a well-deserved certificate of appreciation for her invaluable contribution to the workshop.
The session concluded with a spirited Q&A session, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with newfound tools to navigate the challenges of the 21st century educational landscape. PEPS' commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals was evident throughout the workshop, marking it as a resounding success in the pursuit of academic and personal growth.



Providence English Private School (PEPS), Sharjah, organized IGCSE Exam workshop at PEPS Conference hall, Ms. Jowli Butros student of Medicine at University of Sharjah our Alumni student presented the workshop. Ms. Lana Haytam year 13 student acts as moderator.

Around 80 students from year 10 & year 11 attended the workshop. She explained subject choices in IGCSE, AS & A Level & how to prepare for exams. Taking Math’s, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer ICT subjects will have great scope for further studies. School counsellor & senior secondary supervisor was heading the seminar.

At the end students raise questions, answered & explained very well. Students enjoyed the session as it was very informative & interesting. All students were very happy.

School director Mr. Ziad Badr presented appreciation certificate to alumni student.







PEPS Biology department organized debating competition for A-Level students. The theme / topic was “Vaccination & donation of body to science”. The purpose of the competition was to promote importance & contribution of biology for population health specially in pandemic like covid 19, public-speaking skills and develop an effective platform for intellectual interaction of students.

Six team 4 members in each team participated 3 proposing affirmative & 3 opposing negatives.

The topic of the debate was ' Vaccination & donation of body to science”.  It was very interesting topic for students and they had to argue for and against the topic. There was very exciting and interesting environment and the students got an opportunity to present their opinion and ideas about the topic followed by opposition. They were supposed to support their views with evidence, examples and data to make it convincing and persuasive.

It was very interesting event and events like these should be organized to inculcate the spirit of debate and exploration among students




                                                 Report Cyber Défense Day Celebration


Providence English Private School organized a program to celebrate “Cyber Defence Day” on 16th NOV. 2023.We’re thrilled to introduce to Cyber Defense Day, under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Al-Kuwaiti, the UAE Cyber Security Council, KPMG, and Core42. With the strategic partners: Education and Human Resources Council, Ministry of Education, Emirates Schools Establishment, Department of Education and Knowledge, Sharjah Private Education Authority and the participation of Dubai private schools.

With its strong emphasis on technology and innovation, the UAE recognizes the importance of cybersecurity in sustaining its digital infrastructure, handling sensitive information safely, and protecting its citizens from cyber threats.

Educating children in cyber safety is critically important in today’s digital landscape. Cyber safety education empowers children to recognize and respond to online threats, such as cyberbullying, phishing scams and online predators. It fosters responsible digital citizenship, teaching them the value of privacy, consent, and respectful online behaviour.

The principal and teachers along with the section supervisors and students participated in the program. School Counsellor & IT Staff Champions coordinated & supervised the activities. 

The aim behind organizing this program was to give awareness to students’ community about cyber safety. A teacher plays a pivotal role in safeguarding children’s in the digital world. Cyber Defense Day empowers students with online safety skills through a fun gamified experience.

There were informative and interesting vedios & mine craft education game. Champion inspire & encouraged student to participate in these program & activities. Student enjoyed it and made a lot of fun, feel very happy.

Our goal is to make the UAE the safest country in the digital world, promoting a culture of online safety among students. Respective Class teachers for year 6 to year 8 registered students names. All students got participation certificate. Principal Dr. Marwa Diaa appreciate IT Staff, teachers & students making the event successful.

Following activities done by students

  1. Here, links to KMPG Global educational videos for aimed at kids 7-11 years of age and some guides for classroom discussions with students. These cover cyber bullying, digital friendships, and online chatting. Classroom activities presented to students during in-class sessions by teachers in preparation for playing the Minecraft game include important concepts such as:
  • Password protection.
  • Social engineering.
  • Responsible online behaviour.
  1. Digital footprint
  2. Online Content
  3. Social media
  4. Cyber Bullying
  5. Online Gaming


Access the Minecraft Education game through this

Environmental Club Activity

Environmental Club Activity


                  Environmental Club Activity

                                                                 Plantation Day

 Green Warriors held plantation Day to promote Environmental Awareness

In an effort to instill a sense of environmental responsibility among its students and the broader community, Providence English Private School's Environmental Club, known as the 'Green Warriors,' organized a Plantation Day on October 30, 2023, within the school premises. The event was made possible through the generous contribution of Mrs. Layla Al Chalabi, a dedicated mother of students Iyas Al Ani (11B) and Ilyas Al Ani (9B), who provided various plants and seeds for the occasion.

Mrs. Al Chalabi, an ardent advocate of gardening and environmental preservation, played a pivotal role in inspiring and educating the students. During the event, she shared insights on gardening techniques, emphasizing the significance and benefits of plant cultivation in safeguarding the environment. Her passion for maintaining the natural environment was palpable and left a lasting impact on the attendees.

The Environmental Club's mentor, Mr. Clarence, engaged with the student participants throughout the activity, ensuring its successful execution. The students, in turn, relished the experience, finding it both enjoyable and enriching. The school community extends its heartfelt appreciation to Mrs. Layla Al Chalabi for her pivotal role in making the event possible.

The program was directed by our School Principal Dr Marwa Diaa and coordinated by the school counselor, providing students with an engaging and enjoyable experience that left them feeling fulfilled and content.

The core objective behind organizing this event was to raise awareness within the student body about the critical importance of maintaining a clean and pollution-free environment, especially in light of the upcoming COP28 conference to be held in the UAE.

Plantation Day served as a platform for creating awareness about various environmental issues, such as global warming, overpopulation, pollution, and crimes against wildlife. It reinforced the fundamental role that environmental preservation plays in maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystems upon which we depend.

Providence English Private School, through initiatives like Plantation Day, continues to empower its students to become responsible stewards of the environment, fostering a sense of duty and commitment to preserving the world we all share.

Biotechnology workshop at PEPS

Biotechnology workshop at PEPS


Sharjah University, organized biotechnology workshop at Providence English Private School Conference hall. Mrs. Islam Altayeb, Lecturer, Department of Applied Biology, University of Sharjah and graduating students Ms. Ahlam Kaddoura & Ms. Noora presented the workshop.

PEPS High School students attended the workshop along with the Science & ICT departments staff. The School Vice Principal Mr. Haitham Kanan was also presnt with the team. 

What is Biotechnology? Courses in Biotechnology, Career in Biotechnology?

Importance of Biotechnology & Application of Biotechnology in various fields explained in details like Biology & Genetic Engineering, Agriculture, Medical, forensic, Environment, Pharmaceutical. The session gave opportunity for students to raise any questions or concerns  about the topic. Seminar was very productive and benfecial for our students and general understanding of the courses.  

The University of Sharjah faculty & Scholars met the School Princpal Dr. Marwa Diaa and discussed future collaborations between the two institutes to support students and school comunity. 


British Council Award Ceremony

British Council Award Ceremony

Providence English Private School (PEPS), Sharjah, Student participated in British Council Partner School “Your world video competition 2022 - 2023”.  The theme was “Good Health & Wellbeing linking directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal”.

British Council Cluster Exam Director Mr. Simon Green & Ms. Saira Banu relationship manager visited our school meets principal, vice principal & director present winners’ plaque.

PEPS students’ winners team namely Ms. Sara Murshed Millan, Ms. Riham Ali Mohamed, Ms. Farrah Ben Yousuf, Mr. Ali Ameer & Mr. Mohamed Yasir awardees received certificate & token gift of appreciation from British Council. Students from year 11, year 12 & year 13, Teachers & supervisory staff attended the awarding ceremony. All are very cheerful, glad enjoying the movement with big round of applause encouraged students for their efforts to win National Level Winner achievement.

Ms. Saira Banu played our students winner video all enjoyed a lot it is very informative to maintain health & wellbeing as every one wants to be health & happy. Current students are very excited inspired motivated to participate in current year competition.

Ms. Saira Banu explained Theme for year 2023-2024 is Climate Change, Crisis to Action as UAE hosting COP28.Cluster Exam Director Mr. Simon Green inspired student for more efforts to win regional & world level award.

At the end of program event our school director Mr. Ziad Manhl Badr presented memento to Mr. Simon Green. --- Few photos of event.


Graduation Ceremony 2022-2023

         Graduation Ceremony 2022-2023

On Saturday 27th of May, 2023, Providence English Private School held a Graduation Day Ceremony at De Montfort University to bid farewell to the outgoing batch of Year 13 students. Led by the beloved Principal, Dr. Marwa Diaa, the event was a joyous and memorable occasion that was attended by members of the Senior Leadership Team, teachers, and supporting staff.

The program commenced with the students' graduating class Girls & Boys marching band playing a welcome song. The National Anthem was and followed by a Quran Recitation and an opening welcoming speech. The event covered all school and students achievement of the academic year 2022-2023 and hosted multi talent shows by the students. Ceremony was summed by handing the graduation certificates to students and celebrating their success.

Overall, the Graduation Ceremony was a fantastic event that celebrated the hard work and achievements of the students. The school would like to extend its gratitude to all those who attended the occasion and contributed to its success.

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Best Wishes,

School Counselor

Mohammed Ziauddin