At Providence English Private School (PEPS), we are proud to be an inclusive school catering for diverse needs and working in partnership with parents/carers at every stage in plans to meet their child’s additional needs. We recognize that when a school improves the provision for students who experience barriers to learning, they improve provision for all.

We seek to create a culture of inclusion within our school whereby all stakeholders collaborate together to ensure that we are proactive in identifying and supporting students in an environment that enables every student to be successful in developing the skills, knowledge and values they need to become fully participating members of their community.

We believe the educational inclusion is about equal opportunities for all students, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, impairment, attainment, and background. We understand that every student is an individual, and that inclusive students may exhibit strengths and challenges that require accommodations and modifications to be made in order to ensure that they are able to grow and thrive within our school.

This policy is based on the UAE Disability Act, Federal Law (29) 2006 and 2009 which guarantees a Student of Determination access to equal opportunities of education. This policy is also based on the following guidance and legislation;



Please refer to our School Inclusion Policy here

Inclusion policy