Providence English Private School (PEPS) signs MoU with American University of Sharjah (AUS).

Providence English Private School (PEPS) signs MoU with American University of Sharjah (AUS).

Providence English Private School (PEPS) and American University of Sharjah (AUS) signed a MoA (Memorandum of Agreement) on 01/03/2021 as part of the AUS Sharakah Program. The Sharakah program is a strategic initiative of the AUS Office of Enrollment Management to promote sustainable partnership with selected schools across the United Arab Emirates.


This event was hosted virtually, where Mr. Ali Shuhaimy, Executive Director of Enrollment Management at AUS and Ms. Marwa Diaa, School Principal at Providence English Private School, signed the MoA on behalf of their respective institutions.


Speaking on the occasion:

Mr. Ali Shuhaimy:  "This agreement allows us to reach out to students while they are still at the school level to better understand them and their needs, while at the same time provide the school with insights on how to prepare their student to succeed in university. The Sharakah Program has grown throughout the years to include more than 80 schools. We are happy to see Providence English Private School joining our Sharakah family and look forward to working together."


Professor Kevin Mitchell, AUS Chancellor:  “We are pleased to welcome Providence English Private School to the AUS Sharakah program. The transition from high school to university can often prove challenging for students and engagement through the Sharakah program allows us to work with our colleagues in secondary education to facilitate the adjustment to university life. Our aim is to work collaboratively with program partners to advance our respective educational missions and to learn from each other.”


Dr. Juan Sanchez, AUS Provost and Chief Academic Officer:  "Working together with schools across the country enables us to build a common vision for teaching and learning, and fosters collective action around student empowerment and success. We are pleased to sign this Sharakah agreement with Providence English Private School and look forward to our collaboration."


Ms. Marwa Diaa: “We look forward to this partnership, and our joint contributions will surely be another step of success for our students to climb. We believe that our aims sync together, as always our major priority is to provide the best facilities, education, and care for our students to achieve their best potential and widen their knowledge and skills.”


The agreement highlights the university’s role in the recruitment of outstanding students from varied socio-cultural and economic backgrounds. According to the MoA, AUS will provide partial scholarships to deserving students nominated by the school. It will also offer patronage of selected research, cultural, social, and sporting events organized by the school, in addition to organizing workshops for the school’s faculty and staff.