Annual Career Fair 2023

Annual Career Fair 2023

Providence English Private School Hosts Successful Annual Career Fair

Providence English Private School hosted its annual Career Fair on February 23, 2023, inviting 14 universities and three education consultancy groups to participate in the event. The fair was attended by hundreds of students who were eager to learn about their future career prospects and the opportunities available to them.

The participating universities included some of the leading academic institutions in the region, such as the American University of Sharjah, Ajman University, and RIT University in addition to many more prestigious universities locally and internationally. Students had the opportunity to meet with representatives from each of these universities and discuss their academic interests and career goals.

In addition to the universities, the fair also featured three education consultancy groups that provided guidance to students on how to navigate the complex process of selecting a career and choosing the right university.

Dr. Marwa Diaa, the principal of Providence English Private School, expressed her satisfaction with the success of the event, stating that "our annual Career Fair is an important opportunity for our students to explore different career paths and learn about the academic programs and opportunities available to them. We are proud to provide this platform to our students and to help them make informed decisions about their future."

The Career Fair was held from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and included a variety of interactive sessions and workshops designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of their interests and strengths. Students also had the opportunity to network with their peers and learn from the experiences of professionals in various fields.

Overall, the annual Career Fair was a resounding success, providing valuable insights and opportunities for students to explore their potential and shape their future careers. Providence English Private School remains committed to providing its students with the best possible education and career guidance to ensure their success in the future.

Full List of Institutions Participated in the Event:

American University of Sharjah; Middlesex University Dubai,  Ajman University, Skyline University,  De Montfort University, Stirling University, Westford University College, Synergy University, Bath University, Cromwell UK Education, BIRLA Institute of Technology, Qadri International Education Consultancy, Rochester Institute of Technology of Dubai, Edu-Wire Education Consultants, Curtin University.

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