School Admission Policies

School Admission Policies

School Admission Policies

Registration Documents 

To facilitate the registration of your child with the Ministry of Education the school requires that you produce the following documents at the time of registration to accompany the completed Registration Form. 

Student Passport & Parents Passport – Copy
Student Emirates ID card Copy
Student birth certificate - Copy
Student vaccination book - Copy
7 Photos of the student

Note: initially the above documents are required to open a file rest of the documents will be informed by admission department.

Transferring from Government Schools 
The School leaving certificate and the last school report, endorsed by the educational zone. 

Transferring from outside the U.A.E. 
Transfer certificates, where applicable and the last school report. All these documents must be endorsed by:
The Ministry of Education 
The Foreign Ministry 
The Embassy or Consulate of the U.A.E. in the country where the documents are issued. 
For G.C.C. students, the documents should be endorsed by the Ministry of Education that issued the documents. 
From Europe, North America and Australia, the documents should include in addition to the school report, a "To Whom It May Concern" letter. 

In all cases, the school certificates and other documentation should be in either Arabic or English. If another language is used, it must be legally translated and authenticated as with the other documentation.

Total School and Books Fees (DHS.) plus Medical Fees

KG.1    13000

Grade 5  Total Fees Including Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Exams

GR.7      19600
GR.8      21100
GR.9     21900

Grade 8  Total Fees Including Cambridge Checkpoint Exams

GR.10    22900

Fees to be paid in three installments.

500 Dhs admission fee on registry (Non refundable)

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