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P.E.P.S. in keeping with its philosophy, carefully select teachers who are not only trained in their field but are also people of integrity and substance. The teachers are fully qualified professionals with plenty of experience. With classroom strength not exceeding 20 students, teachers are able to devote adequate and personalized attention to every student at the school. Our school staff is an amalgamation of different nationalities, qualified from prestigious universities of the world and thus is able to provide a colorful panorama to brighten the students’ abilities to fullest in different walks of life. We are proud of our unity in diversity. Our teaching staff take part in different seminars and workshop in campus and outside to get equipped with the recent trends and developments in the field of education. Our management for this reason has an in-house competition, which evolves best teachers of the year, who are recognized for their outstanding performance. This is done by an outside agency. P.E.P.S. also hires/invites prominent people in various fields for lecture and demo classes. Our teaching staffs are deputed on assignment in different industries/institutions for short period to have first hand information on industry need. Our management has equipped its teaching staff with state of the art equipment from various part of the world. All teachers are compulsorily computer literate. Recent developments in the presentation equipment/methods in reviewed periodically. The coordinator of extra-curricular activities will distribute forms early in the academic year requesting teachers to choose their area of interest and provide information for the scheduling and planning of these activities. Teachers will plan, organize and supervise these activities which include inter – scholastic sports, yearbook, clubs and special events. Teachers are also required to chaperone at least one evening student function and attend all evening school activities and festivities.